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About School


We are very fortunate to have best trained & experienced faculty to mould the Manair buds we have faculty who are trained in NCERT [Regional Institute of education} rise Mysore.

Faculty offers a valuable curriculum & is well led and managed. Effective teaching & learning takes place across all the subjects. Having great experience, the faculty solves each & every challenge ensuring success. It is unlikely that any faculty anywhere is outstanding in every single respect, but the unity of faculty, its commitment to lulling on them and its malingers to innovate mean that overalls it can be fairly described the school, but also everywhere in district, our students are judged to achieve well & reach very high standards due to the best quality teaching, rich & varied curriculum and the excellent loving care, guidance & support offered to all students whatever their circumstances.


We feel proud to say that Manair the first to introduce kids culture in Karimnagar. Our play school is committed to ensure that our youngest children learn their learning with a sense of we and wonder, in an environment either the full they are loved, and are in safe, sense environment. Manair children’s are excited to bear through our “CRESCENDO PLAY SCHOOL” for Nursery, L.K.G & U.K.G.


We have a dedicated, fully equipped outdoor and indoor play areas the children’s intellectual, emotional, social & physical development is supported by our caring classroom teachers & their full time teaching assistants. In play school, we creatively nature each individual and our teaching reflects our belief that happy & confident students learn most effectively.


Manair school provides a stimulating environment that inspire & motivates students in their academic, sporting, artistic and cultural development through CRESCENDO NRICH PROGRAMME” Mathematics & senior is enriched through wide range of after school activities.

The success from Pre-primary to primary itself presents student to face exciting challenger. The school day becomes formally structured & here students are encouraged and inspired to take up their responsibilities in becoming best learners. Primary schools caring environment facilitates a Wonderful approach to learning that provides students to guide their over-all development.

All teachers work creatively and inspiringly the capture the interest of blooming Manair leads to make their learning enjoyable & meaningful. A rang e of contemporary teaching strategies are employed. The curriculum provides the basis for the programmes of not only study but also intensive range of co-curricular activities. All students are encouraged to play sports (indoor & outdoor)

Opportunities all-round in the school to build leadership skills, we also ensure students are well integrated into their classes & encouraged to the part of wide group of friends.


The Manair experience is a challenge range of academic, artistic & cultural to make the students prepare themselves to meet the demands of the life beyond school. Our success in all fields is based on excellent relationships between all the members of the community, a positive school ethos & outstanding performances at all levels.


In our school, there is a well established culture of highly valuing academic success. Our school is proud to attain the 1st posits with regard to the highest marks in E/M schools among the schools in the district.

We provide students a dynamic atmosphere where they are able to follow their dreams come true.


  • State 2nd, 7th ranks in APRJC.
  • 100% results in SSC for the past 8 years
  • Obtained the best school award from the district collector for getting 100% result in SSC.
  • Attainment of 1st position in the district in SSC results.
  • Budding scientists have been achieving several awards in National, state & Dist. Level.

Success of our school is also due to the supportive relationship that mist between students & staff, which provides the students with personalized, academic & patrol support.

Sports is an integral part of Manair Curriculum our students are encouraged and are tumid in various levels of sports by our trained & experienced staff. This enables them to participate in different levels by sports. We feel immense pleasure that Manair Students are selected for national & state level sports. Most of our students are also selected by Sports authority of India {SAI}. We provide a wide range of competitive & non –competitive events to encourage maximum participation & personal excellence.


June to March.

The new session begins in June.


The medium of education is English.


The syllabus provides all round education in English, Hindi, Social Studies, Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, up to X class.

The school also provides education in Home Science book craft, art, music, G.K, computer science, S.U.P.W. [Socially useful productive work} and yoga.

We encourage the students to participate in social work & we proud to receive certificate of appreciate on for our social work by them Governor Sri Rangarajan.

We also encourage students in extra-co-curricular activities as dance, music, some of our beloved students home also performed in Singapore as well as one of our students also acted in more than 50 films in Telugu.


  • It provides the best and broad range of learning experiences for students in a dynamic, supporting & atmosphere. It prepares the students meet their challenges by and school.
  • In all faculties, students, enthusiastically engage with learning, and interacting with their teachers. Teaching is always inspirational.
  • Students respect each other.
  • A wide range of academic, creature, and practical subjects & an extensive “INTEGRATED IIT FOUNDATION PROG” are available.
  • Teaching through ABACUS, VEDIC MATHS, ENGLISH LANGUAGE LAB, CALLIGRAPHY was also put in place.
  • The good curriculum links subjects together in an interesting way through our “SPAES FOUONDATION PROGRAMME”.
  • Students personal development & well being is outstanding.


The academic performance of every child is brought to the notice of the parents after every test. A part from this, they are also informed about their child’s performance through text messaging & post. The final report card at the end of an academic session reflects the cumulative performance. {including} behavior, character, performance in sports & extra curricular activities also.


Board examination, conducted by the S.S.C board for class X student are held in March every year. Apart from this, annual,, Half yearly, Quarterly examinations revision test, I, II, III Bit tests, Unit tests, topic wise, assignments, slip tests, Annual, Half yearly, quarterly examinations, Unit test, topic wise assignment, slip tests are held periodically throughout the year with strict supervision & evaluation.


Regular and objective assessment of each students performance is carried out through monthly tests & periodic examination report cards are issued after each examination.

Examination reports along the answer sheets are also checked by the parents after the evaluation.


Manair Educational Academy is housed in a massive splendid building with the sprawling campus of 4 acres in spectacular & Splendid surroundings of Karimnagar town having residential & semi Residential system.

“Day school up to high school” hygienic and highly ventilated campus with sufficient accommodation is located in the heart of the city.


The Classrooms are spacious, well ventilated & equipped with modern amenities for the students to read & refer variety of subjects these go on a long way in reinforcing what the students learn in the classroom. Collection of latest books also enables students to come across the current affairs.


The school has a well equipped computer lab for providing students with theoretical knowledge & practical operation of computers system.


The school has a modern well equipped science laboratories to provide students to perform experiments in Physics, Chemistry. Biology, Maths.



Large separate hostel buildings for both boys & girls are provided with modern amenities to cater to the need of children.

Resident wardens and qualified staff look after the needs of the boarders the Endeavour being to provide a home away from home.


A variety of special activities are arranged regular to create a wonderful environment where students learn to associate, interact & developmentally & physically arranged before & after the school hours these activities provide the opportunity to lead, to think to plan, gain self confidence.

These include, karate, awareness programs & Yoga.


The school had special & regular study hours everyday over & above the regular classes trained staff assistance helps in providing the students perform better. Extra coaching by experts is given to the weak students to raise their academic standard.


The school provides vegetarian only special care is taken to provide a balanced diet of cereals, fresh milk, fruits, eggs, & vegetables school also provides tradition food on special occasion & festivals.


Health of children is the important aspect at our home. A team of trained & dedicated staff ensures cleanliness, hygienic & nutrition a fully equipped medical room with a qualified trained nurse is provided to the students in times of need qualified doctors & regular medical check up of the students are done.

Minor ailments are attended to the hostel but cases requiring specialized treatment are referred to our medical consultants & specialists. Parents are informed about the progress of a child’s health if he is confined to bed for more than three days.


  • Events & activities that are encouraged.
  • Parent representative is are limited to support student driven class initiatives & are welcome to organize class events & activities that have a co-operative theme.
  • Student participation & involvement should be a major factor.