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About Us

ABOUT Manair Educational Academy, VISION & MISSION:

Welcome to Manair Educational Academy. An Educational Organization which is an Incessant, Indigenous, unmeasurable and evergreen flowing from the last 25 years with escalate wisdom to familiarize the ignorant.

Manair is a foundation which formulates the posterity to and socialize them into socialite society. It helps the child to reach its accession & in the society . We enmarse are enraptured to enthrall you all to a distinguished, distractive, institution of ours, that is, Manair, which coordinates your child to income an adept citizen, it’s a gate mother who had gifted eminent virtuous to the society. It’s a vignette of Learning in Manair, is not simply securing makes or it is not simply occurring as much knowledge as possible, instead the students are made to think critically ; They are able to analyses evidence and devise new pathways and solutions.

A visit to this will give you an insight in to how we provide such challenges & experiences. However to really appreciate the added value of a Manair SPAES School Education, you really need to visit us so that you can see for yourselves what we have to offer. I took forward to welcoming you to our School.


K. Anantha Reddy,
Founder And Director,
Manair High Schools.

Manair Mission:

Manair SPAES School has a long tradition of providing ‘The Best’ education with an international prospective. At our school, we try to make each and everyone feel valued, happy and successful. We make students learning an enjoyable experience.

Manair School is to make the children discover their innate activities and encourage there to develop their creature talents in a hopeful atmosphere & mould them healthy and productive citizens.

Aims and Values

  • To encourage and inspire all students in every field,
  • To give each student a consistently excellent quality of education in a safe secure & caring environment.
  • Conceptual teaching.
  • To prepare each & every student to face the examination. i.e. We are the foundation for any competitive test. [FACT]
  • To ensure the overall personality development of child including communication skills.
  • To ensure the continued relevance & sustainatity of Manair so that it remains intial and at the heart of the community it serves.
  • We celebrate students achievement & success in all that they do on a grand scale.
  • We value for the moral things, the students to be taught in every field.
  • Teachers should be fair, motivate, inspirational and generous in spirit.
  • We value teacher who learn & learners who teach.
  • We value the opportunity for all to take risks, learn from mistake express themselves and reflect on life and learning.
  • Manair is a family where every one is cared.
  • We value for the magnanimous parents who always savored us.
  • Manair seeks to act ethically and accordingly.

In our play school, we lay the strongest foundations for the over all development of each individual through westuring and child- antred approach. We cultivate a love of bearing and enchantment with books language & self expression in a stimulating environment where children feel valued, confident & independent.


Manair offers a world –class learning and sporting facilities in a caring, environment the school is situated on outskirts, approximately 5 min drive from the city.

The school comprises of three modern buildings for local, non local and IIT foundation students.

In addition to spacious classrooms set around bright ventilation this building also feature large playing ground, e-lab for the study of information and communications technology, physical science & biology laboraties, library & shaded lunch areas. Outdoor sports courts consists of Kabaddi, tennis, valley ball, basket ball, Tennikoit, Ball badmintons , shuttle court. Offering superior and best facilities for students and staff allows Manair to put  its key aims for promoting effective learning, developing students & providing them the highest quality of teaching.

Modern facilities are provided at Manair.